Old-testament likely to pick a bride-to-be

Old-testament likely to pick a bride-to-be

Old-testament planning to look for a bride

24 Now Abraham got person old, is actually well-advanced in ages, therefore the Lord got privileged Abraham in just about any method. dos Very Abraham pГ¤ivГ¤määrГ¤ Meksikon sinkut taught his slave, who was the fresh eldest person in his household plus costs of all things he possessed, “Make this solemn oath in my experience [a] step three because the a pledge to your Lord , the God of heaven and you may world, that you won’t acquire a spouse getting my personal kid on the Canaanite people certainly one of just who I’m way of life. cuatro Rather, you are to see my country in order to my loved ones to get a girlfriend to possess my personal child Isaac.”

5 “Let’s say her does not want to go back beside me compared to that residential property?” new servant asked. “Cannot You will find your kid look at the belongings where you came?”

six “Make certain not to capture my personal son there,” Abraham responded. seven “The lord God out-of eden, which put me personally of my father’s home and of my personal family’s homes, exactly who spoke to me and you may promised me ‘I am able to offer this homes to the descendants,’ will send their angel before your, and you are clearly to locate a partner to own my personal boy away from indeed there. 8 Should your woman isn’t willing to go after your, then you’ll definitely reduce that it oath to me. Simply you should never simply take my personal guy straight back there!” 9 Therefore the slave made an effective solemn oath [b] so you can their learn Abraham of this matter.

This new Servant Experiences Rebekah

ten Then Abraham’s servant took 10 camels from his master’s herd out of [c] camels and you will remaining on the his travels with all categories of merchandise of their master’s collection. Sooner, he journeyed in terms of Aram-naharaim, Nahor’s home town. eleven Because night contacted, he had the new camels kneel outside the city during the liquids really, right about the time whenever ladies always went out to attract water.

twelve That’s as he prayed, “ Lord Jesus out-of my personal master Abraham, help me to succeed now. Delight put on display your grateful choose my personal learn Abraham. 13 I have stationed me personally right here by the springtime because the female of town visited draw-water. fourteen Should it be that the girl to help you just who I inquire, ‘Please, decrease your jug to ensure I would drink,’ reacts, ‘Features a glass or two, and you will I will water your own camels also.’ Get she become one to whom you have chosen getting your slave Isaac. This is why I shall remember that you have revealed your gracious like to my personal master.”

15 Ahead of he previously accomplished talking, Rebekah checked. She is a child out-of Milcah’s son Bethuel. (Milcah is the fresh new partner from Abraham’s sis Nahor.) She approached brand new really, holding a good jug for her neck. sixteen The woman are extremely breathtaking, young, together with maybe not had intimate connections having a man. Dropping towards spring, she occupied this lady jug and you will turned getting house. 17 After that Abraham’s slave ran in order to meet this lady and you will asked the girl, “Please, i want to has a sip regarding drinking water from your own jug.”

18 “Drink, sir!” she answered since she quickly paid down their jug for her case supply him a glass or two. 19 Whenever she got accomplished offering your a glass or two, she and additionally told you, “I am going to along with draw water [d] for the camels until they have got sufficient to drink.”

20 She quickly emptied the lady jug with the trough and ran into the well to draw once more up until she got drawn adequate drinking water [e] for everybody ten of your servant’s [f] camels. 21 The guy stared during the her alone, would love to determine whether or otherwise not the father got produced their journey effective. twenty two In the event the camels got complete sipping, the guy got out a silver nose ring consider a half shekel as well as 2 necklaces on her behalf arms, weigh 10 shekels and exhibited these to the girl. [g]

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