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This forms the main component of our responsibility. EDU-World records a 100% admission success rate in student admissions at universities and colleges around the world. We thoroughly understand the student’s background and future career plans while short-listing universities. The choice of colleges and universities is most important, and will potentially dictate the entire future of the student. Maximum efforts are channelled towards exceeding the educational and career expectations of each individual student. We offer counselling for various undergraduate, graduate, diploma, post graduate diploma and certificate programs.

Following-up and maintaining effective communication with the chosen universities is everything.

Once applications are sent, our team consistently keeps in touch with the concerned admission officers at the applied universities regarding student applications. It ensures that delays are eliminated and any EDU-World student’s application remains a priority in the admissions department – This is an incredibly important practice that you will NOT find at any other educational Counsellor in India!

The earlier an application is sent, the better that student’s chance of procuring admission since many universities admit students on a rolling basis. Our counselling team also assists students with preparing their application documents from start to end. This includes letters of recommendation, essays, and statements of purpose and so on. Application and scholarship forms are completed with the utmost precision. Lastly, due to our extensive counselling experience, EDU-World students frequently receive Application Fee Waivers which help students and parents save thousands of rupees.

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