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Advancement in the field of Education and its sheer diversity make EDU-World play a key role in international education. Our team of executives creates appropriate and class-leading solutions based on experience, information and industry relationships.
About Us
The EDU-World team has more than 20 years of education-abroad counseling experience and has successfully placed more than 6000 students internationally. Rushabh Parekh is an MBA (Marketing) from Bentley College, Massachusetts (USA). Sonal Parekh has graduated from Temple University, Philadelphia (USA) with a BBA in Management and Human Resources. Having been international students themselves, they understand the needs and requirements of this clientele better than anyone else in the industry.
EDU-World is devoted to providing direction to prospective students by providing them with a very comprehensive umbrella of services right from the choice of college/university to visa preparations and financial aid. At EDU-World, we revel in our ability to provide accurate information, make the right decisions, be time and cost-efficient while building strong relationships with students and universities alike. Our management is of the firm belief that, in today’s fast and highly competitive times, to stand still is the same as moving backwards. Productivity and performance is everything.
Our principle is to offer each and every student the same world-class service that our clientele has come to expect of us
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